Urban Sociology

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Blacks in Niagara Falls

A detailed study of the history of African Americans in a small upstate New York city from the days of the Underground Railroad to the deindustrialization of the 1980s.

Race and the Suburbs in American Film

Explores how suburban space and the body are racialized in American film.

Convenient Criticism

By Dan Chen
Subjects: Communication

Explains why and how local critical reporting can exist in China despite the kinds of media control that are the hallmarks of authoritarian rule.

Racial Inequality in New York City since 1965

A comprehensive exploration of racial inequality in New York City since 1965.

Cities under Austerity

Edited by Mark Davidson & Kevin Ward
Subjects: Politics And Law

Examines the ways in which austerity policies are transforming US cities.

Race, Real Estate, and Uneven Development, Second Edition

Updated second edition examining how the real estate industry and federal housing policy have facilitated the development of racial residential segregation.

Transporting Atlanta

Examines the dynamics of Atlanta’s transportation crisis.

Saving Troy

A powerful account of the hazards, challenges, and dangers faced by America's first-responders.

Global Neighborhoods

Looks at how contemporary Jewish neighborhoods interact with both local and transnational influences.

Follow the Money

Reveals the powerful influence of financial elites on New York City’s mayors.

Now Playing

Locates the origins of the mass audience and the emergence of everyday moviegoing in the culture of cities.

Subsidizing Capitalism

Examines the economic activities of self-employed brickmakers and the unpaid family members and others who assist them in Mexico.

Desegregating the City

Multidisciplinary perspectives on segregation in the United States and other developed countries.

The Cost of Being Poor

Looks at the daily lives of poor people to demonstrate that the poor pay more than others, by both monetary and other measures, to meet basic needs.

Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity

Explores the political and economic causes and consequences of homelessness.

A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul

A detailed history of a small neighborhood community of Ottoman Istanbul.

Under One Roof

Americans with changing lifestyles, nontraditional households, and special needs and interests are increasingly looking for alternatives to the single-family house, and especially for the opportunity ...

Society, State, and Urbanism

By Fuad Baali
Subjects: Sociology

This book probes the nature, scope, and methods of 'ilm al- 'umran, the new science of human social organization, as it is developed in Ibn Khaldun's 14th-century masterpiece, the Mugaddimah. It explores ...