SUNY series, The New Inequalities

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The Cost of Being Poor

Looks at the daily lives of poor people to demonstrate that the poor pay more than others, by both monetary and other measures, to meet basic needs.

Race, Class, and the Postindustrial City

An overview and critical appraisal of the work of influential sociologist and public intellectual William Julius Wilson.

Clinical Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment

Evaluates drug and alcohol abuse treatment systems and their effects on individual alcohol and drug abusers.

Color and Money

A case study of Milwaukee, Wisconsin exploring how lending practices and access to capital are shaped by race.

Rethinking the Labor Process

This diverse collection rethinks and reinvigorates the field of labor process.

Women and Minorities in American Professions

Asks how and with what measure of success women and minorities fare in comparison with white males in American professions.

From Combines to Computers

Through an analysis of national data and detailed case studies, From Combines to Computers examines how the transition to a service economy is playing out for rural America. It answers two important questions: ...

Organizing the South Bronx

This is a story of heroic and articulate individuals who were able to defy overwhelming odds and build affordable housing in the South Bronx. It is about the process of teaching citizens in a low-income ...

Formal Theory in Sociology

A group of renowned sociological theorists analyze why the attempts to make sociological theory formal in the 1960s and early 1970s failed. This becomes not only an unusual and interesting analysis in ...

Capital and Communities in Black and White

Capital and Communities in Black and White explores the problems created by global economic restructuring, the decline of inner city neighborhoods, and the heightened racial conflicts in the United States. ...

Technocracy at Work

Technocracy, loosely defined, is "rule by experts. " Technocracy at Work focuses on the organizational dimensions and aspects of technocracy.

Substantial sociological literatures have analyzed contemporary ...

Work in the Fast Lane

Arguing that a new form of industrial organization is generating new patterns of inequality, the authors explore the relationship between growth in the high-tech sector and trends in inequality. While ...

The First "Real" Job

This book examines the work experiences of twenty-five young men and women in their first jobs following high school. The case studies profiled here describe in detail the process of young workers becoming ...

The Street Addict Role

This book provides a new answer to the question, "Why do people use heroin and other street drugs?" Drawing upon a growing body of studies of drug users conducted by sociologists and anthropologists, ...

Locality and Inequality

This book explores how the recent restructuring of farming and industry has affected economic and social equality in the United States. The author explains how the farm sector has undergone a dramatic ...

High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech

Fifty years ago the quality of life in the 13 states of the Old South was judged to be among the lowest in the country. A lack of industrial development and the pervasiveness of a sharecropping system ...