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The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition

A comprehensive history of U.S. housing policy that illuminates the political struggles that have accompanied the nation’s effort to assist those citizens who are in desperate need of decent, affordable housing.

The Creation of a Federal Partnership

New perspective on state-level housing policy, how its role has grown in relation to the federal role.

Transporting Atlanta

Examines the dynamics of Atlanta’s transportation crisis.

Business Improvement Districts and the Shape of American Cities

Examines the impact of business improvement districts on the quality of contemporary civic life.

Sprawl and Politics

An account of the origin, enactment, and implementation of Maryland’s Smart Growth land use program begun in 1966.

Economic Development in American Cities

Evaluates the impact of equity investments in five cities during the 1990s.

Kitchen Capitalism

The first in-depth examination of self-employment from the perspectives of low-income entrepreneurs.

Electoral Politics Is Not Enough

Examines how and why government leaders understand and respond to African Americans and Latinos in northeastern cities with strong political traditions.

Renewing Hope within Neighborhoods of Despair

Builds upon the narratives of community development activists to describe how they bring about affordable, quality housing, commercial opportunities and empowerment within poor areas.

On Narrow Ground

Uses case studies of Jerusalem and Belfast to explore how cities function in the midst of nationalistic conflict.

The Sometime Connection

Explores the role that public opinion plays in the development of social policy in the United States.

The Urban Growth Machine

Two decades after Harvey Molotch’s “city as a growth machine,” this book offers a unique, critical assessment of his thesis.

Housing and Community Development in New York City

Provides a comprehensive, up-to-date description and analysis of the housing and neighborhood problems facing residents of the nation's largest city, and the policies that have been developed to solve these problems.

Shelter and Society

An in-depth examination of the non-profit housing sector that covers theory, research, and policy.

The Organization of Hope

Analyzes the future of urban communities and presents models for community planning, taking into account different classes, ethnicities, and cultures.

Under One Roof

Americans with changing lifestyles, nontraditional households, and special needs and interests are increasingly looking for alternatives to the single-family house, and especially for the opportunity ...

Selling Cities

Shows that cities can be revitalized by attracting and retaining the middle class through schools and housing programs.


This book is an examination of contemporary gangs in American cities. Gangs have proliferated over the past ten years and pose a new set of challenges to public officials, law enforcement agencies, and ...

Race, Redevelopment, and the New Company Town

This book shows how private interests collaborated with public leaders, and often with neighborhood activists, in order to rebuild several neighborhoods comprising racially and economically-mixed populations ...

City Choices

City Choices argues that both economic concerns and political factors can be synthesized in a new framework in city policymaking. This synthesis is based on a systematic empirical study of policymaking ...

Revolution at the Grassroots

The book outlines the history of the revolutionary process at the national level and as it was experienced in one major Portuguese city. While generally little known, the achievements of grassroots organizations ...

The Politics of Capital Investment

This book examines both the politics and products of the public investment process in one of America's largest cities. It broadens the scope of contemporary debates on the political economy of urban development ...

Business Elites and Urban Development

Written in a non-technical, narrative style, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with current trends in urban development. During the Reagan era, responsibility for urban planning ...

Neighborhood Upgrading

Neighborhood Upgrading examines the effectiveness of government-subsidized housing rehabilitation programs in reversing patterns of neighborhood decline. Varady takes a realistic look at the dilemma facing ...

Perspectives on Management Capacity Building

Perspectives on Management Capacity Building provides a lively spectrum of views on the problems and prospects of improving the management and performance of municipal governments in the United States. ...

Federal Government and Urban Housing, The

The Federal Government and Urban Housing provides a comprehensive overview of federal housing and community development policy during the last fifty years, with special emphasis on the crucial decade ...

Your Voice at City Hall

Your Voice at City Hall answers a major question of urban politics and government: "What difference does it make if city councils are elected at-large or by geographically defined districts or wards?" ...

Housing and Urban Development in the USSR

The “architects of the Russian Revolution” were indeed architects and town planners insofar as their designs for dwellings and social facilities provided an ideal setting for the new society. Yet, almost seventy years later, the Soviet housing goals a

Gentrification, Displacement, and Neighborhood Revitalization

Bringing an empirical, objective approach to a topic that has often been the source of emotional and uninformed controversy, Gentrification, Displacement and Neighborhood Revitalization provides an introduction ...

Contracting Out for Human Services

Contracting out for services has become a popular technique in government's perennial quest to cut spending. Yet seldom has the practice been examined from any but the public choice approach. This book ...

Ideology and the Urban Crisis

Ideology and the Urban Crisis explores the philosophical underpinnings of the contemporary debate surrounding the urban crisis. It examines three major ideologies of American city politics by uncovering ...

Revitalizing America's Cities

In many American cities, middle and upper income people are moving into neighborhoods that had previously suffered disinvestment and decay. The new residents renovate housing, stimulate business, and ...

Shutdown at Youngstown

In spite of the gravity of the problem of mass unemployment and its periodic recurrence in industrial societies, few scientific studies have been undertaken which serve to define the impact of plant closings ...