The Creation of a Federal Partnership

The Role of the States in Affordable Housing

By Margaret M. Brassil

Subjects: Housing, Public Policy, Urban Studies, Political Science
Series: SUNY series in Urban Public Policy
Paperback : 9781438433325, 249 pages, July 2011
Hardcover : 9781438433332, 249 pages, November 2010

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Table of contents

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1. Introduction

2. The Devolution of Affordable Housing Policy and the Evolution of a Federal-State Housing Partnership

3. State Housing Agencies: The Link between State and Nation

4. State Housing Agencies in Maryland, Minnesota, and Texas

5. State Housing Agencies’ Policies and Programs

6. Comparisons

7. Conclusions


New perspective on state-level housing policy, how its role has grown in relation to the federal role.


With the ongoing recession and housing crisis, it has never been more important to understand the federal and state governments' roles in affordable housing. The Creation of a Federal Partnership takes a fresh look at the history of national and state housing policy by examining the role played by state housing agencies since the 1970s. Establishing new ground in the field, this volume discusses how the relationship between the federal and state levels has evolved over time. The result, Margaret M. Brassil argues, is that the federal government's broad policy guidelines allow states to better address their own social issues, an improvement for policy and ultimately for the people it serves.

Margaret M. Brassil received her PhD in political science from Johns Hopkins University and has taught political science at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Loyola College in Baltimore.