Excellence and Equality

A Qualitatively Different Perspective on Gifted and Talented Education

By David M. Fetterman

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Paperback : 9780887066412, 189 pages, July 1988
Hardcover : 9780887066405, 189 pages, July 1988

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Fetterman focuses on what actually works in gifted and talented education programs. Complementing the psychological perspective on gifted and talented education, he adopts an anthropological point of view, using methods such as lengthy interviews with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and others involved in the school programs; daily observation; and group discussions to elicit the insider's perspective.

A ground-breaking work, Fetterman's timely study provides a comparative picture of over 433 gifted and talented programs in the United States, as well as programs in other countries. The author's cross-cultural perspective points up the need for U. S. educators to shake themselves out of a national complacency about the gifted and talented and stresses the importance of comparing our own efforts with those of other nations. In the process, Fetterman proposes a model for educational excellence in terms of the mainstream U. S. educational system. The book will provide new insights for educators and policymakers working in our educational system as they strive to meet the needs of gifted and talented students.

David M. Fetterman is a faculty member in the School of Education and an administrator at Stanford University. He has worked at the state, national, and international levels in the field of gifted and talented education. He is also an internationally recognized ethnographer and evaluator.