Females, Males, and Sexuality

Theories and Research

Edited by Kathryn Kelley

Subjects: Human Sexuality
Paperback : 9780887064371, 262 pages, March 1987
Hardcover : 9780887064357, 262 pages, March 1987

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Females, Males, and Sexuality examines the differences and similarities between males and females in their sexual attitudes, fantasies, and behaviors. Long a controversial subject, the differences between the sexes remains a source of unanswered questions and provocative debates.

The views of eight behavioral scientists are combined in this volume to provide biological, social, and socio-biological perspectives on gender and sexuality. Sex variations in attitudes and behaviors are integrated in the introductory chapter. It provides a theoretical framework for describing current findings presented in subsequent chapters, as well as predicting the likelihood of sex differences in future studies. In other chapters, research on the premenstrual syndrome, hormones, and sexual expectations are analyzed. In chapters on attitudes about contraception, female contraceptive behavior serves as a model for organizing predictions about such behavior in males.

Kathryn Kelley is Associate Professor of Psychology at State University of New York at Albany.