The Gender of Desire

Essays on Male Sexuality

By Michael S. Kimmel

Subjects: Sociology, Men's Studies, Lesbian / Gay Studies, Human Sexuality, Gender Studies
Paperback : 9780791463383, 288 pages, March 2005
Hardcover : 9780791463376, 288 pages, March 2005

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Table of contents

I. The Construction of Male Sexual Desire
1 Gendering Desire
2 Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity
II. In Our Dreams: Sexual Fantasy and Sexual Representation
3 The Gender of Desire: The Sexual Fantasies of Women and Men with Rebecca F. Plante
4 Pornography and Male Sexuality
5 Sexual Violence in Three Pornographic Media: Toward a Sociological Explanation with Martin Barron
6 Does Censorship Make a Difference? An Aggregate Empirical Analysis of Pornography and Rape with Annulla Linders
III. From Fantasy to Reality: Sexual Identity and Sexual Behavior
7 Sexual Balkanization: Gender and Sexuality as the New Ethnicities
8 Hard Issues and Soft Spots: Counseling Men about Sexuality with Jeffrey C. Fracher
9 Bisexuality: A Sociological Perspective with John H. Gagnon and Cathy Stein Greenblat
10 The Kindest Un-Cut: Feminism, Judaism, and My Son’s Foreskin
IV. Sex and Violence
11 “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Rape, Domestic Violence, and the Making of Men
12 Gender Symmetry in Domestic Violence: A Substantive and Methodological Research Review
13 The Unnatural History of Rape
14 Reducing Men’s Violence: The Personal Meets the Political

Articles and essays on the construction of male sexuality by a pioneer in the field of masculinity studies.


Here, one of the world's pioneers in the field of masculinity studies explores the construction of male sexuality, pornography, and sexual violence. Michael S. Kimmel analyzes what male sexuality is, where it comes from, how it works, what affects it, pornography's impact on it, what fantasies men have about sex, what people think about sex, and how male ideas about sex affect what men actually do. Provocative and wide-ranging, these essays make important contributions to sociology, queer theory, American studies, history, and studies of gender, sexuality, and gay and lesbian issues.

Michael S. Kimmel is Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University, State University of New York. He has written and edited many books, including The History of Men: Essays on the History of American and British Masculinities, also published by SUNY Press, and The Gendered Society, Second Edition. He is also the editor of Men and Masculinities, a leading journal in the field.