Human Sexuality

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Respectability on Trial

By Brian Donovan
Subjects: History

Recovers and chronicles the plights of ordinary New Yorkers that resonate with contemporary debates on rape and domestic violence.


First English translation of Nasio's groundbreaking work on the Oedipus complex.

Beyond Romance

Critiques the predominant romantic ideal.

Sociobiology, Sex, and Science

This book examines sociobiology's validity and significance, using the sociobiological theory of the evolution of mating and parenting as an example. It identifies and discusses the array of factors that ...

Females, Males, and Sexuality

Edited by Kathryn Kelley
Subjects: Gender And Sexuality

Females, Males, and Sexuality examines the differences and similarities between males and females in their sexual attitudes, fantasies, and behaviors. Long a controversial subject, the differences between ...