France Under Recession: 1981-1986

By John Tuppen

Subjects: Economics
Paperback : 9780887065811, 280 pages, May 1988
Hardcover : 9780887065804, 280 pages, May 1988

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This book reviews the substantial changes that occurred in France during the period in which a left wing president and government controlled the nation's destiny. In their quest for a solution to the country's mounting difficulties, the Socialists adopted a very different range of policies from their predecessors.

Tuppen appraises the recent pattern of social and economic development in France, particularly the impact of recession and the socialist prescription for revival. Each chapter focuses on a limited number of significant changes and key issues that have become the subject of extensive debate. Particular emphasis is given to controversial issues such as unemployment, immigration, economic regeneration, urban renewal, and decentralization, and case studies are used extensively to help illustrate these topics. Finally, where appropriate, analysis is carried out at a regional as well as national level, lending spatial dimension to the study.

John Tuppen is Lecturer in Geography at the University of Salford, England. He is the author of France in the series Studies in Industrial Geography and of The Economic Geography of France.