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The Split Economy

Draws on philosophy, economics, theology, and psychoanalytic theory to reveal a fundamental dynamic of capitalism.

The Big Thaw

Explores the unprecedented and rapid climate changes occurring in the Arctic environment.

Tax Increment Financing and Economic Development, Second Edition

Examines the many issues raised by TIF, the most widely used tool of local economic and community development.

Regulating the Business of Insurance in a Federal System

Analysis on a dual insurance regulation system and its effectiveness relevant to the current system of regulation.

Mission Expansion in the Federal Home Loan Bank System

Studies the Federal Home Loan Bank System, how it has changed over time and why

The Japan That Never Was

Contests conventional wisdom on Japan's postwar economic success and its economic and political problems in the 1990s, providing a new account of these conditions.

Big Business and the State

Examines the evolution of corporate form and managerial process from the 1880s to the 1990s, detailing how corporations influenced government to affect changes in response to economic transitions.

Religion and Economics

New perspectives on the bond between religion and economics.

Too Cheap to Meter

Uses concepts from social theory to explore the history and future of nuclear power in the U. S. and to explore the nature of technological change in the U. S. economy.

Understanding China

An analysis of Chinese economic and political behaviors from a cultural perspective. Discusses the importance of understanding how the Chinese do business among themselves and with others.

The Korean Economy

Lee, former South Korean government Minister of Labor for the South Korean government, discusses the country's economic development from 1945-1994 and the public policies that shaped it, arguing that if South Korea is to become a major economic power, the government should withdraw from the economic front line.

From Combines to Computers

Through an analysis of national data and detailed case studies, From Combines to Computers examines how the transition to a service economy is playing out for rural America. It answers two important questions: ...

State and Business in Modern Turkey

This book analyzes the factors that shape business activity in Republican Turkey and examines the presence of some of these factors in other societies with highly different cultures and histories. Bugra's ...

Photonic Technology and Industrial Policy

A revolutionary technological development of the late twentieth century, photonics embraces lasers, fiber optics, imaging devices, and optical applications to computing. It affects the fortunes of numerous ...

Global Capitalism

How have global markets and global manufacturing changed the balance of social, economic and political power? With this volume Ross and Trachte challenge existing political-economic theory. In concise ...

High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech

Fifty years ago the quality of life in the 13 states of the Old South was judged to be among the lowest in the country. A lack of industrial development and the pervasiveness of a sharecropping system ...

France Under Recession: 1981-1986

This book reviews the substantial changes that occurred in France during the period in which a left wing president and government controlled the nation's destiny. In their quest for a solution to the ...

The Grant System

In the past thirty years, the giving and receiving of grants has grown from a small, loosely organized club involving a few elite institutions and a few million dollars to a massive system accounting ...

Economic Aid and American Policy toward Egypt, 1955-1981

Gamal Abdel Nasser's 1955 decision to barter Egyptian cotton for Soviet bloc weaponry thrust Egypt onto center stage in the Cold War in the Middle East. What Egypt needed most, and what the United States ...

The Economics of Human Betterment

The Economics of Human Betterment is a comparative look at economic change and social progress. It is about betterment—a change or process—and about institutions and countries as they evolve. It is ...