History and System

Hegel's Philosophy of History

Edited by Robert L. Perkins

Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Hegelian Studies
Paperback : 9780873958158, 264 pages, June 1984
Hardcover : 9780873958141, 264 pages, June 1984

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Table of contents

Editor's Preface

1. Hegel as Poet, QUENTIN LAUER: Presidential Address

2. DAVID WALSH: The Historical Dialect of Spirit: Jacob Boehme's Influence on Hegel
Comment: Eric von der Luft

3. SHLOMO ALVINERI: The Fossil and the Phoenix: Hegel and Krochmal on the Jewish Volkgeist
Comment: Leo Rauch

4. MEROLD WESTPHAL: Hegel and the Reformation
Comment: David A. Duquette

5. WALTER JAESCHKE: World History and the History of the Absolute Spirit
Comment: Patricia Altenbernd Johnson

6. RICHARD DIEN WINFIELD: The Theory and Practice of the History of Freedom: On the Right of History in Hegel's Philosophy of Right
Comment: Harry Brod

7. ROLF AHLERS: The Dialectic in Hegel's Philosophy of History
Comment: Joseph C. Flay

8. WILLIAM DESMOND: Hegel, Art, and History
Comment: Curtis L. Carter

9. GEORGE DI GIOVANNI: On The Impotence of Spirit
Comment: Thomas E. Wartenberg

10. RICHARD DIEN WINFIELD: Hegel's Challenge to the Modern Economy, the Thomas A. Roe Foundation Prize Paper



History and System represents the first contemporary volume on Hegel's philosophy of history to be published in English. The editor notes that "with the possible exceptions of Augustine and Vico, no philosopher before Hegel had such a deep sense of the mutual penetration of history and philosophy as did Hegel. Historical reflection influenced his reading of other philosophers and philosophical reason penetrated his views of past events and eras. "

Reflecting the best of Hegelian scholarship, the papers here focus on the sources of Hegel's philosophy of history, its internal structure and relation to other parts of his system, analyses of specific aspects of his philosophy of history, and its influence on subsequent thinkers. In its breadth and depth, the volume attests to the continued and growing importance of Hegel's thought for contemporary philosophy.

Robert L. Perkins is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Alabama and an editor of several journals of philosophy and religion.


"A collection of this sort is a major achievement and that it is possible testifies to the quality of people involved with Hegel.

"History and System begins with a brilliant essay on the senses in which Hegel must be read as poetry. It ends with a prizewinning essay by Richard Winfield on Hegel's economic theory, an essay likely to provoke considerable controversy. In between are major essays by David Walsh, Schlomo Avineri, Merold Westphal, Walter Jaeschke, Winfield again, Rolf Ahlers, William Desmond, and George di Giovanni. Each of the major essays save for the first and last have a long critical review; the critics are often as good as the essayists. " — Robert C. Neville