In-Between Bodies

Sexual Difference, Race, and Sexuality

By Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo

Subjects: Cultural Studies
Series: SUNY series in Gender Theory
Paperback : 9780791472224, 137 pages, October 2007
Hardcover : 9780791472217, 137 pages, October 2007

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Table of contents

Introduction: Rethinking Bodies
1. Embodiment, Contingency, and Ambiguity

Sexual Difference and "the Body"
Contingency, Non-neutrality, Sex/Gender
Ambiguity and Bodies

2. Irigaray's (Re)Figuring of Space-Time and Place

The Approach of Sexual Difference
Irigaray's Thinking Through Space-Time
Irigaray's (Re)Figuring of Place

3. Contingency and Race

Sexual Difference, Race, Bodies
The Contingency Relation and the In-Between
The Whiteness of Sexual Difference

4. Transgender Bodies

Body Theory and Disembodiment
Questioning Sexual Difference
A Coyote in Sheep's Clothing

5. Competing Narratives in LGBTQ Studies

Changing Sexualities, Changing Pedagogies
Teaching In-Between Identity and Anti-Identity
Final Thoughts on FemiQueer Pedagogies

6. The Trouble with "Queer"

Trans-Invisibility Revisited
Queerness, Heterosexism, Homophobia
Alphabet Soup

Conclusion: Reconfigured Identities

Connects theories of sexual difference to race and queer theories through a focus on “in-between” bodies.


Residing between culture and nature, lived bodies are not fixed objects nor biological givens. In-Between Bodies examines "the body" in light of recent work in sexual difference theory and considers contributions provided by sexual difference frameworks, as well as their limits. Addressing how bodies reside outside of traditional categorization, Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo reexamines issues of sex, gender, and race and maintains that while sexual difference theorists do account for positions that reside between traditional binaries, she points to lived bodies and experiences left unaccounted for. Drawing from theorists of transgendered and racialized identities, for example, this book helps recognize and address various gaps in sexual difference theory while it indicates practical contributions for pedagogy and politics.

Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Washington State University.


"This book contains a number of original analyses—from the extension of Irigaray's insights and sexual difference theories to issues of sexualities/sexes to the author's discussion of the erasure of race. Bloodsworth-Lugo's effort to make connections between sexual difference, race, and sexualities-sexes-gender is robust. " — Nancy Tuana, coeditor of Engendering Rationalities