Individuation in Scholasticism

The Later Middle Ages and the Counter-Reformation, 1150-1650

Edited by Jorge J. E. Gracia

Subjects: Metaphysics
Series: SUNY series in Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791418604, 634 pages, July 1994
Hardcover : 9780791418598, 634 pages, July 1994

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Table of contents


1. Introduction: The Problem of Individuation
Jorge J. E. Gracia

2. The Legacy of the Early Middle Ages
Jorge J. E. Gracia

3. The Islamic Background: Avicenna (b. 980; d. 1037) and Averroes (b. 1126; d. 1198)
Allan Bäck

4. The Jewish Tradition: Maimonides (b. 1135; d. 1204), Gersonides (b. 1288; d. 1344), and Bedersi (b. 1270; d. 1340)
Tamar M. Rudavsky

5. Albert the Great (b. 1200; d. 1280)
Jeremiah M. G. Hackett

6. Roger Bacon (b. ca. 1214/20; d. 1292)
Jeremiah M. G. Hackett

7. Bonaventure (b. ca. 1216; d. 1274)
Peter O. King

8. Thomas Aquinas (b. ca. 1225; d. 1274)
Joseph Owens

9. Henry of Ghent (b. ca. 1217; d. 1293)
Stephen F. Brown

10. Godfrey of Fontaines (b. ca. 1250; d. 1306/09), Peter of Auvergne (d. 1303), and John Baconthorpe (d. 1345/48)
John F. Wippel

11. James of Viterbo (b. ca. 1255; d. 1308)
John F. Wippel

12. John Duns Scotus (b. ca. 1265; d. 1308)
Allan B. Wolter

13. Hervaeus Natalis (b. 1250/60; d. 1323) and Richard of Mediavilla (b. 1245/49; d. 1302/07)
Mark G. Henninger

14. Durand of Saint Pourçain (b. ca. 1270; d. 1334)
Mark G. Henninger

15. Henry of Harclay (b. ca. 1270; d. 1317)
Mark G. Henninger

16. Walter Burley (b. ca. 1275; d. 1344 or later)
Ivan Boh

17. William of Ockham (b. ca. 1285; d. 1347)
Armand A. Maurer

18. Jean Buridan (b. ca. 1295/1300; d. after 1358)
Peter O. King

19. Cardinal Cajetan (Thomas De Vio) (b. 1468; d. 1534) and Giles of Rome (b. ca. 1243/47; d. 1316)
Linda Peterson

20. Chrysostom Javellus (b. 1472; d. 1538) and Francis Sylvester Ferrara (b. 1474; d. 1526)
Mauricio Beuchot

21. Francis Suárez (b. 1548; d. 1617)
Jorge J. E. Gracia

22. John of Saint Thomas (b. 1589; d. 1644)
Jorge J. E. Gracia and John Kronen

23. The Scholastic Background of Modern Philosophy: Entitas and Individuation in Leibniz
Ignacio Angelelli

Epilogue: Individuation in Scholasticism
Jorge J. E. Gracia




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Jorge J. E. Gracia is Professor of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo. He is author of Individuality and Philosophy and Its History and is co-editor of Philosophy and Literature in Latin America and Individuation and Identity in Early Modern Philosophy, all published by SUNY Press. He is Series Editor for the SUNY Series in Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture.


"This is one of the most extensive treatments of individuation in any language."—Robert J. Spitzer, Seattle University

"Gracia has assembled an impressive group of scholars to discuss the work of leading medieval figures on the problem of individuation. All sixteen contributors are seasoned scholars. They speak authoritatively in a field that requires considerable learning and linguistic ability. No major medieval philosopher or school has been neglected. It is amazing that Gracia has been able to marshall the talent represented." — Jude P. Dougherty, Dean, The Catholic University of America

"I read through every page of it and I was not disappointed. It fills a real gap with regard to knowledge of the problem and its history in the development of metaphysics." —Oliva Blanchette, Boston College