Old English Homily and Its Background

Edited by Paul E. Szarmach & Bernard F. Huppe

Subjects: Literature
Paperback : 9781438451480, 267 pages, June 1978
Hardcover : 9780873953764, 267 pages, June 1978

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Church and Society in the Age of Aelfric
P. A. Stafford

The Achievement of Aelfric and His Colleagues in European Perspective
Milton McC. Gatch

Paul the Deacon's Patristic Anthology
Cyril L. Smetana

Aelfric and the Vernacular Prose Tradition
Malcolm Godden

Alfred and Aelfric: a Study of Two Prefaces
Bernard F. Huppé

The Poetic Content of the Revival Homily
D. R. Letson

Methodical Abbreviation: A Study in Aelfric's Friday Homilies for Lent
Ann Eljenholm Nichols

Verbal Aspect as a Narrative Structure in Aelfric's Lives of Saints
Keith A. Tandy

Sermo Lupi and the Moral Purpose of Rhetoric
Raachel Jurovics

Themes and Techniques in the Blickling Lenten Homilies
Marcia A. Dalbey

The Vercelli Homilies: Style and Structure
Paul E. Szarmach


Essays on the largest body of prose work in Old English, by Stafford, Gatch, Smetana, Goddin, HuppéLetson, Nichols, Tandy, Jurovics, Dalbey, Szarmach.


"There is nothing like this in Old English critical literature … Successfully contributes to an appreciative understanding of the Old English homily and the considerable achievement of Aelfric … An essential work." — CHOICE