ACTA Volume #1

The Eleventh Century

Edited by Stanley Ferber & Sandro Sticca

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438375, 94 pages, January 1974

Table of contents

1. Anglo-Saxon Letters in the Eleventh Century
Paul E. Szarmach, SUNY Binghamton
2. Technology and Transportation in the Eleventh Century
Albert C. Leighton, SUNY Oswego
3. Population, Growth, Inheritance and European Expansion
Robbin Oggins, SUNY Binghamton
4. Joseph ‘Awal: A Jewish Communal Leader in Eleventh-Century Europe
Norman Stillman, SUNY Binghamton
5. From Latin to Modern Times: Trans-Mutation of Poetical Modes
Giose Rimanelli, SUNY Albany
6. Eleventh Century Music Theorists
Marilynn Smiley, SUNY Oswego