ACTA Volume #7

The High Middle Ages

Edited by Penelope C. Mayo

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438436, 177 pages, January 1980

Table of contents

1. Samson vs. Hercules: A Carved Cycle of the Twelfth Century
Vivian B. Mann, The Jewish Museum, New York
2. Spheres of Influence: The Cosmographies of Solomon IBN Gabirol and Bernardus Silvestris
Theodore L. Steinberg, SUNY Freedonia
3. The Psalter of Saint-Louis (BN MS. LAT. 10525): The Program of the Seventy-Eight Full-Page Illustrations
William Chester Jordan, Princeton University
4. Law as Order in The Owl and The Nightingale
David Lampe, SUNY Buffalo
5. Pseudo-Boethius: A Matter of Style
Michael Johnson, SUNY Buffalo
6. Metaphors of Apocalypse and Revolution in Some Fourteenth-Century Popular Prophecies
Martha H. Fleming, SUNY Albany
7. Relief Imitation of Metallic Sheathing of Byzantine Icons as an Indicator of East-West Influences
Mojmír H. Fleming, SUNY Albany