ACTA Volume #10

Text and Image

Edited by David W. Burchmore

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438467, 175 pages, January 1983

Table of contents

1. Obscure Images by Illustrious Hands
John V. Flemming, Princeton University
2. The Roles of Author and Artist in the Procedures of Illustrating Late Medieval Texts
Sandra L. Kindman, Northwestern University
3. The Relationship between Text and Image in some Groups of Central Italian Illuminated Manuscripts of the Twelfth Century
Gigetta Dalli Regoli, Universitá degli Studi di Pisa
4. Paris B. N. MS fr. 1175: A Collaboration Between Author Artist
Joan B. Williamson, Long Island University
5. Tints and Texts: A Comparison of the Nibelungelied’s Manuscript Illustrations with its Narrative
Raymond A. Wiley, Le Moyne College
6. Questions of Transmission: Text, Image and Technique in Early Copies of Hartleb’s Alexnderbuch
Sheila Edmunds, Wells College
7. Nicholas of Cusa’s De Ludo Globi: Symbolic Roundness and Eccentric Life Paths
Clyde Lee Miller, SUNY Stony Brook
8. Hieronymus Bosch and the Herbal Tradition
Laurinda S. Dixon, Syracuse University