ACTA Volume #12

The Fifteenth Century

Edited by David Lampe

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438481, 135 pages, January 1985

Table of contents

1. The Wakefield Master as a “Master”: Speculations on Influences and Imitations
J. W. Robinson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2. John Skelton’s Lyrics: Tradition and Innovation
John Scattergood, Trinity College, Dublin
3. Jack Upland and a Fishy Friar
Theodore L. Steinberg, SUNY Freedonia
4. Mariken Van Nieumeghen Revisited
Carole Brown Knuth, State University College at Buffalo
5. Gil Morlanes the Elder: Gothic Works Restudied
R. Steven Janke, State University College at Buffalo
6. Lorenzo de’ Medici’s Literary Versatility
Joseph E. Germano, State University College at Buffalo
7. The Crisis of Chivalry in La Vie du Prince Noir and L’histoire de Jason
David G. Hale, SUNY Brockport
8. The Craft of Lovers and the Rhetoric of Seduction
Richard Firth Green, University of Western Ontario