ACTA Volume #17

Words and Music

Edited by Paul R. Laird

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies, Music
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438535, 165 pages, January 1990

Table of contents

Program from ACTA 17 Concert
1. Ars Musica as Ars Cantica in a Twelfth-Century Prose
Charles M. Atkinson, Ohio State University
2. “Chantword Indexes”: A Tool for Plainsong Research
Andrew Hughes, University of Toronto
3. “The Voice and the Letter”: On Singing in the Vernacular
Margaret Switten, Mount Holyoke College
4. “Juan Ruiz’ Oral Performance as Minstrel”: the Poet-Singer in Fourteenth-Century Spain
Roberto J. González-Casanovas, The Catholic University of America
5. Reading Composers Reading
Don M. Randel, Cornell University
6. English Poetry and the Expansion of the Concept of Song in the Fifteenth-Century
Edith Borroff, Binghamton University
7. “John Bennet and the Directional Convention”: An Introduction to Madrigalism
Irving Godt, Indiana University of Pennsylvania