The Path of Archaic Thinking

Unfolding the Work of John Sallis

Edited by Kenneth Maly

Subjects: Metaphysics
Series: SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791423561, 316 pages, March 1995
Hardcover : 9780791423554, 316 pages, March 1995

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Table of contents

References to Sallis's Texts

Reading Sallis: An Introduction
Kenneth Maly

Part One. Imagination—Images, Imagings

1. Imagination and Metaphysics
The Phenomenological "Delicacy of the Image"
Françoise Dastur

2. Leaps of Imagination
Rodolphe Gasché

3. Tense
Jacques Derrida

4. Imadgination
John Llewelyn

5. In the Interest of Justice to Art
Charles E. Scott

6. Work of Art as the Reverse of the World
Eliane Escoubas

7. Twisting Free of Metaphysics
Ecstatic Philosophy
Walter Brogan

8. Echoes at the Edge
Shimmering Imagings in Delimitations
Kenneth Maly

Part Two. Sallis: Reader of Texts

9. Voices
Adriaan Peperzak

10. Souls Smell in Hades
Archaic Thinking and the Return to Embodiment
Peg Birmingham

11. Comedy and Measure in Sallis
Bernard D. Freydberg

12. Reason's Entanglement
James Risser

13. Tragic Joy
Michel Haar

14. Deconstructive Reinscription of Fundamental Ontology
The Task of Thinking After Heidegger
Parvis Emad

15. Marginal Notes on Sallis's Peculiar Interpretation of Heidegger's "VomWesen Der Wahrheit"
Walter Biemel

Part Three. Response

16. ". . . A Wonder That One Could Never Aspire to Surpass."
John Sallis


A Bibliography of the Works of John Sallis

Notes on Contributors


This is the first anthology of commentary on Sallis that shows what is genuinely unique in his thought: the transformative relation of reason and imagination in thinking "after Heidegger."


This book demonstrates that the kind of philosophy called Continental thought belongs to America in its own right. It reflects the depth, originality, and revolutionary character of Sallis's "re-doing" imagination—of his twisting imagination free from a metaphysics of presence and of subjectivity.

The book includes essays by Walter Biemel, Peg Birmingham, Walter Brogan, Françoise Dastur, Jacques Derrida, Parvis Emad, Eliane Escoubas, Bernard Freydberg, Rodolphe Gasché, Michel Haar, John Llewelyn, Kenneth Maly, Adriaan Peperzak, James Risser, and Charles Scott. This array of contributors demonstrates the place that Sallis's work has on the forefront of contemporary Continental thought.

The book concludes with an original piece by John Sallis himself, in which he thinks the philosophical sense of wonder in Aristotle, Plato, Hegel, the end of metaphysics, and Heidegger.

Kenneth Maly is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.


"Sallis is, in my opinion, the single most influential American continental thinker. This book furthers what is genuinely unique in Sallis's work: the transformative relation of thought and imagination in thinking 'after Heidegger.' Sallis's essay in response to the anthology is a genuine addition to the growing literature on Heidegger's notion of attunement, specifically on the notion of wonder, in addition to being a reply to specific authors." — Tom Davis, Whitman College