SUNY series, Explorations in Postcolonial Studies

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Nativism and Modernity

Comparative study of contemporary nativist literary and cultural movements in China and Taiwan.

Locating Race

Pinpoints the limits of many current globalization theories in challenging racial oppression, and argues instead for local and situated strategies for resisting racism and imperialism.

Of Irony and Empire

Examines the transformative power of irony in the creation of Muslim Africa.


Critical reevaluation of the concept of hybridity within postcolonial studies.

From Kung Fu to Hip Hop

Explores the revolutionary potential of Bruce Lee and hip hop culture in the context of antiglobalization struggles and transnational capitalism.

Globalization, Cultural Identities, and Media Representations

Explores the role of media in the construction of cultural identities.

Empire and Poetic Voice

Explores the relation of post-colonization authors to literary traditions.

Postcolonial Narrative and the Work of Mourning

A cross-cultural analysis of the work of Coetzee, Harris and Morrison, demonstrating that the fundamental task of postcolonial narrative is the work of mourning.

Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture

Explores postcolonial discourse from the standpoint of feminism and writers in minority languages.

Relocating Agency

A postmodernist metacritical look at theories of African literature.

Beyond Dichotomies

Confronts the cultural challenges of globalization.

Postcolonial, Queer

Uses postcolonial theory to critique the globalization of gay culture.

Posts and Pasts

Deconstructs the field of postcolonial studies.

Textual Traffic

Examines travel narratives as a genre.

Colonialism and Cultural Identity

Explores diverse cultural identities, both theoretically and through concrete, specific interpretations of selected major texts from former British colonies.