SUNY series, Identities in the Classroom

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Subject to Identity

Challenges the ways "lesbian academics" have been socially constructed.

Elusive Culture

A fascinating ethnographic study of a high school in Toronto, with surprising insights into how these adolescents identify themselves in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

Under the Sign of Hope

Examines the practices of life history, ethnographic fieldwork, and interpretation of women's narratives, ultimately asserting the importance of self-reflexivity for feminist methodology.

Taking Back Control

An alternative pedagogical perspective toward the education of Black children is explored through the narratives of five African Canadian women teachers.

Radical Interventions

Minority scholars offer a critical and often radical rethinking of fundamental questions concerning identity, politics, and difference/s as these inform educational theory and practice.

Un/Popular Culture

Offers a lucidly written analysis of the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory.

Where "Something Catches"

Helps people working with youth think in new ways about the relationships between work, love, and identity and how these interact within the socio-political processes of class, race, gender, and sexuality.