SUNY series, Studies in Scientific and Technical Communication

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Participation and Power

Takes a firsthand look at a case of public participation in environmental policy.

Critical Power Tools

The first sourcebook for rethinking technical communication theory, practice, pedagogy, and research through a cultural studies lens.

Sins against Science

Recounts the fake news stories, written from 1830 to 1880, about scientific and technological discoveries, and the effect these hoaxes had on readers and their trust in science.

Writing Power

Adds to our understanding of the powerful nature of texts and writing.

Metaphor and Knowledge

Analyzing the power of metaphor in the rhetoric of science, this book examines the use of words to express complex scientific concepts.

Spurious Coin

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

User-Centered Technology

Presents a theoretical model for examining technology through a user perspective.