SUNY series, Studying the Self

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Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity

Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.

The Role of Self in Teacher Development

Reflects some of the major transition points in becoming a teacher and focuses explicitly on how issues of self and identity bear on these different points.

Changing the Self

This book examines the varieties of self-exchange and factors that can influence it. It takes a much-needed step toward linking the concerns of the academic self-researcher and the consumer of research ...

Self and School Success

With the problems of the inner-cities reaching catastrophic proportions, Americans must ask themselves whether any young people in these environments can succeed at all. In our high schools, the good ...

The Self

What are the characteristics and dimensions of the self? Is there a "best" way to measure the self? How does the researcher's definition of the self affect the choice of research measure and methods? ...

Self-Perspectives across the Life Span

When and how is the self acquired and what characterizes its development and change over the life span? What are the implications of using different methodologies to study the self with different age ...