SUNY series in Chinese Local Studies

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State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China

Presents historical, ritual, and musical data preserved in authentic Ming documents illustrating the significance of state sacrifices in imperial China.

Demon Hordes and Burning Boats

Provides a lively description of how the cult of a popular plague-fighting deity named Marshal Wen arose and spread in late imperial China.

The Eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty

This study of Chinese eunuchs illuminates the entire history of the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, and provides broad information on various aspects of pre-modern China.


An anthropological study of the social organization and local history in Lukang, a city in Taiwan.

Cities of Jiangnan in Late Imperial China

This book examines cities of the Jiangnan region of south-central China between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries, an area considered to be the model of a successfully developing regional economy. ...

Ancient Sichuan and the Unification of China

Recent archaeological finds in China have made possible a reconstruction of the ancient history of Sichuan, the country's most populous province. Excavated artifacts and new recovered texts now supplement ...

Violence in China

In this volume, Lipman and Harrell explore the prevalence and ubiquity of violence in China, a society whose official norms value harmony and condemn conflict. The book investigates violence in a wide ...