SUNY series in Deviance and Social Control

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Race and Police Brutality

Disputes standard explanations of police brutality against minority citizens to offer new insights and suggestions on dealing with this problem.

Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice

Eminent criminologist Richard Quinney offers his 40-year journey bearing witness to crime and social justice in writings both scholarly and autobiographical.

Confronting the Drug Control Establishment

Examines the career of sociologist Alfred R. Lindesmith, who argued against drug prohibitions from the 1930s onward, warning of the threat to democracy and advocating more humane drug control laws.

Doing Justice

Offers a revised liberal political philosophy, arguing that group-based policies are discriminatory and proposing individual-oriented policies in their place.

The State of Terror

A comparative analysis of one of the most devastating social problems of the contemporary world. Focuses not only on acts of terrorism by terrorists, but with their portrayal and manipulation by others, ...

The Trouble With Evil

A broadly based analysis of good and evil grounded in examination of the conceptual, philosophical, and theoretical bases of the study of evil within the social sciences.

Marginality and Dissent in Twentieth-Century American Sociology

This book is a biography of the husband and wife team that is largely responsible for developing social problems and social deviance as areas of research. Politics in the discipline of sociology is also ...

Crime and its Social Context

Theories of criminality and theories of victimization have traditionally been discussed as though they bore no relationship to one another. Yet, a complete explanation for crime must examine both the ...

The Struggle for Control

This book offers a study of deviance and dispute management in a comparative perspective. Conventional wisdom and professional knowledge assume a clear line between the study of disputes and deviance. ...

Inventing Criminology

This book traces the intellectual history of criminology, analyzing the influence of early classical European concepts of criminality and the development of positivist methodologies. It is an original ...

Political Assassinations by Jews

Ben-Yehuda presents an in-depth inquiry into the nature and patterns of political assassinations and executions by Jews in Palestine and Israel. Extensive empirical evidence is used to analyze the social ...

Social Threat and Social Control

This book examines the conflict theory of social control, particularly the threat hypothesis. It asserts that deviance and crime control are responses to social threats such as criminal acts and riots, ...

The Penitentiary in Crisis

This is a case study of the violence and disorder that have become endemic in U. S. prisons. The 1980 riot at the Penitentiary of New Mexico was one of the worst riots in prison history. Thirty-three ...

The Battered Woman and Shelters

Explores how standardized images of problems and people inform and shape social services for women who have been assaulted.

The Politics and Morality of Deviance

The Politics and Morality of Deviance develops a theoretical framework and then applies it to four different and specific case studies in an explicit attempt to put the sociology of deviance back into ...