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Tracking Capital

Offers new ways to read the relationship between culture, ecology, and capitalism.

Evolutionary Emergence of Purposive Goals and Values

Develops and defends a philosophical account of meaning, purpose, and value in human life and experience that is naturalistic without being reductionistic or scientistic.

In the Catskills and My Boyhood

Classic works by naturalist John Burroughs on his beloved Catskill region.

Wild Diplomacy

Explores how humans and wildlife such as wolves can cohabit with mutual respect in the same territories.

A World Not Made for Us

Proposes a nonanthropocentric reassessment of key themes and approaches in environmental philosophy


Offers an interdisciplinary investigation of affectivity in various forms of life.

Forest and Crag

A compelling story of our ever-evolving relationship with mountains and wilderness.

Religious Agrarianism and the Return of Place

Examines religious communities as advocates of environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture practices.

The Variety of Integral Ecologies

Presents integral approaches to ecology that cross the boundaries of the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences.

Between Stony Brook Harbor Tides

Examines the ecological and historical significance of the harbor and what it can bring to future residents.

Flight Paths

How a small group of New York biologists brought the peregrine falcon and bald eagle back from the brink of extinction.

Feathers of Hope

A joyful journey through Pete Dubacher’s Berkshire Bird Paradise, and a thoughtful contemplation of our relationship to birds and nature.

Creating Sustainable Communities

Explores efforts aimed at creating sustainable communities throughout the Hudson River region.

The Barbarian Principle

Essays exploring a rich intersection between phenomenology and idealism with contemporary relevance.

Saving Eagle Mitch

When a Navy SEAL and former Army Ranger rescue a wounded eagle in war-torn Afghanistan, a writer learns what it can take to do one good deed in a seemingly wicked world.

Water Drops

An introduction to our most precious natural resource.

Elemental Philosophy

Explores the ancient and perennial notion of the four elements as environmental ideas.

Ecotheology and the Practice of Hope

Looks at how ecotheology has created a new vision of the natural world and the place of humans within it.

Living Waters

Fascinating stories based on the author’s exploration of eight rivers in New York and Québec.

Rachel Carson

Leading scholars explore the full range and current significance of Carson’s work.

Nature's Edge

Leading environmental thinkers investigate the complexities of boundary formation and negotiation at the heart of environmental problems.

Why Economists Disagree

Provides a convenient introduction to heterodox alternatives to neoclassical economics.

Postmodern Ecology

Provides a significant picture of the ecological crisis from the interdisciplinary perspective of postcolonial cultural studies, in order to map the emerging virtual and ecological territories of the twenty-first century "electropolis."

Literature, Nature, and Other

Postmodern theory at its best--a call for an ecofeminist dialogical method of reading literature and nature.

Ecological Prospects

Ecological Prospects addresses pressing issues that will shape ecological awareness and activism into the next century. From a variety of perspectives, the book explores topics such as how ecological ...

Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing

Contributors include architects, philosophers, landscape architects, and geographers, who focus on the question of how people might see and understand the natural and built environments in a deeper, more ...

Common Flowering Plants of the Northeast

From woodlands to wetlands and from roadsides to sandy beaches, Common Flowering Plants of the Northeast is a ready reference tool for identifying plants in their native habitat. It is a habitat-oriented ...