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Global Fragments

Philosophical explorations of the processes of globalization, particularly in the context of Latin America.

Social Movements and Free-Market Capitalism in Latin America

Explores how privatization of state-owned telephone companies led to new consumer movements in Latin America.

Puerto Rico under Colonial Rule

Essays on human rights in Puerto Rico during the twentieth century.

Between Argentines and Arabs

Examines the presence of Arabs and the Arab world in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Argentine literature by juxtaposing works by Argentines of European descent and those written by Arab immigrants in Argentina.

Three Spanish Philosophers

An introduction to the thought of three major philosophers of twentieth-century Spain.

Folklore and Literature

Explores how modern folklore, through its preservation of ballads and folktales, supplements our understanding of the oral tradition and enhances our knowledge of early literature.

Onetti and Others

Explores the connections between Onetti, a foundational figure of the 1960s "Boom" in Latin American literature, and other relevant writers and texts from Latin America and beyond.

From Pirates to Drug Lords

Examines Caribbean countries' impact on the U. S. and the world and how they have consolidated their democracies, advanced prosperity, and maintained peace through collective security and international cooperation.

Martyrdom and the Politics of Religion

By examining the ways that Catholic activists responded to political violence in El Salvador during the 1970s and 1980s, this book documents the beliefs and history of an important religious community, and explores the nature of religion's role in poli

Over the Ivy Walls

Explores social factors that lead to academic success for low-income Chicanos.

Latin-American Women Writers

This book describes how Latin-American women writers of all classes, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, ironize masculinist, classicist, and racist cliches in their narratives.

The Leaning Ivory Tower

Several narratives by Latino professors in American universities addressing issues of racism, marginalization, and self-valuation as the narrators tell their stories of survival and success.

Subject People and Colonial Discourses

This book rethinks the social processes that violently refashioned Puerto Rican society in the first half of the twentieth century. Santiago-Valles explores how the new regime's socio-economic, political, ...

Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought

This book defines the relationship between liberation and cultural identity in the Latin American social reality--from a historically rooted, critical philosophy. Schutte explores the connections between ...

Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America

This book explores the impact of Latin America's political culture on the international politics of the region. It offers a general account of traditional Iberian political culture while examining how ...

The Catholic Church and Social Change in Nicaragua

This book presents an in-depth, uniquely historical perspective on Nicaragua, focusing on the key role of the Catholic Church in the political, social, and religious issues that confront this country ...

Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767

Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767, is the last book in a trilogy that examines Jesuit economic activity in three major geographic regions of colonial Spanish ...

Farm and Factory

This second volume of Nicholas P. Cushner's economic study of colonial Latin America describes and analyzes the unique relationship between the textile mill and farm in Interandine Quito. Cushner shows ...