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Comic Effects

By Paul Lewis
Subjects: Literature

Lewis draws on both humor theories and research, arguing for the development of interdisciplinary methodologies in the study of literary humor. He demonstrates that the sociologist of humor and the comic ...

Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia

By M. Owen Lee
Subjects: Literature

Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia is an introduction to the Eclogues, based on sound scholarship but also personally felt and addressed to a popular audience. It outlines clearly the literary and ...

Old Age in Greek and Latin Literature

This volume explores the significance of old age in Greek and Latin poetry and dramatic literature, not just in relation to other textual and historical concerns, but as a cultural and intellectual reality ...

The Woman in the Mountain

Examines the works of seven Adirondack writers.

Rethinking Scripture

Edited by Miriam Levering
Subjects: Literature

Exploring the nature of texts, this book explains how scriptures function within religions. Topics covered include the oral dimensions of scripture, canon formation, a study of the word in Hindu life, ...

The Literary Absolute

The first authoritative study of the emergence of the modern concept of literature in German romanticism.

Passionate Women, Passive Men

Suicide is always a controversial issue. Among Jews, it is often taboo. Stereotypically, Jews do not commit suicide; certainly, they do not discuss it. Passionate Women, Passive Men: Suicide in Yiddish ...

Twentieth-Century Literary Theory

The ten topics contained in Twentieth-Century Literary Theory reflect contemporary theoretical interests and guide the reader through fundamental questions, from the formation to the uses of theory, and ...

Mallarme and the Sublime

In this groundbreaking study, Louis W. Marvick develops a literary criterion for the quality known as "the sublime," considered as the expression of an attitude towards the ideal--an attitude composed ...

James Joyce and Heraldry

James Joyce and Heraldry demonstrates that heraldry is an essential key to the symbols of Joyce's major works. It is a clear, witty introduction to heraldry and the use of heraldic imagery by Western ...

Beyond Marginality

In a unique study of Anglo-Jewish writers in the post-war period, Dr. Sicher traces through their works the story of the rise of the Jewish community from slum poverty to suburban affluence. This period ...

Studies in Earlier Old English Prose

Edited by Paul E. Szarmach
Subjects: Literature

Old English prose before the late tenth century is examined in this collection of hitherto unpublished essays. Using a variety of techniques, the authors explore well-known and lesser-known texts in search ...

New Jewish Voices

New Jewish Voices presents the first anthology of modern Jewish-American drama. These highly acclaimed plays, previously produced by New York City's nationally-renowned Jewish Repertory Theatre, offer ...

Yeats's Heroic Figures

Heroic man and "the lies of history," the myths that surrounded them, were vital to the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. This study examines the four Anglo-Irish historical figures who dominated his life ...

William Blake and the Moderns

Robert Bertholf and Annette Levitt have assembled thirteen essays that establish Blake as a "central voice molding modern literature and thought. " The essays in this volume examine Blake's influence ...

Fathers and Sons in Virgil's Aeneid

By M. Owen Lee
Subjects: Literature

Narrative summary of Virgil’s epic poem.


By Barry Targan
Subjects: Literature

The mother dies by random accident. The father's friend, swayed by "the crudest concept of tragedy. ..the simple fall of men from whatever heights they have achieved," kills himself.

These are the events ...

Alchemy and Finnegans Wake

In the first full-length study of Joyce's direct and indirect use of alchemical allusions, DiBernard shows how an awareness of the alchemical metaphor guides a reader through the richness of Finnegans ...

Translation Spectrum

Edited by Marilyn Gaddis Rose
Subjects: Literature

The fascinating process of translation in its many varieties is the subject of the essays in this book. Five of the essays discuss the theoretical aspects common to all works of translation. Other essays ...

Old English Homily and Its Background

Essays on the largest body of prose work in Old English, by Stafford, Gatch, Smetana, Goddin, HuppéLetson, Nichols, Tandy, Jurovics, Dalbey, Szarmach.

Lord of the Panther Skin

By Shota Rustaveli
Translated by R. H. Stevenson
Subjects: Literature

This classic medieval romance of chivalry by an outstanding figure in a brilliant period of Georgian literature has affinities with both the Persian tradition and that of the West.

Meaning in Comedy

By John S. Weld
Subjects: Literature

The festive Elizabethan comedies constitute a unique and dazzling drama, yet they have seldom been studied as a genre, and, except for Shakespeare's plays, they are seldom interpreted. Although successive ...