Philosophy of Literature

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The Face of Immortality

Argues for a new kind of criticism, one that mediates between literal and allegorical modes of interpretation.

Occasional Deconstructions

Argues that deconstruction is not a critical methodology or theory but that which makes any act of good reading possible.

After Ontology

Offers a reconsideration of modernism in both philosophy and literature.

Metaphysics to Metafictions

Examines the key role played by Nietzsche in the undoing of the Hegelian system of totality.

The Value(s) of Literature

Discusses the ethical aspects of literature.

The Hermeneutic Tradition

The major statements of the leading figures in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and French hermeneutic traditions.

Transforming the Hermeneutic Context

This book presents contemporary analyses of interpretation by some of the most prominent figures in contemporary philosophy and literary criticism. These essays question and transform traditional statements ...