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Leadership and Legacy

Applies a variety of scholarly approaches to analyze the long-term impact of President Obama as a leader and policymaker.

Power, Constraint, and Policy Change

Examines how state courts change public policy through an analysis of their influence on state education finance reform.

See America

The first history of the US Travel Bureau, which set the precedent for federal involvement in promoting tourism and travel, an activity which continues today.

Political Power in America

Introduction to American politics and government, intended for students of political science. Provides a critical examination of both political institutions and political behavior.

The US Supreme Court and the Centralization of Federal Authority

Traces the US Supreme Court’s effect on federal government growth from the founding era forward.

Get Things Moving!

Recounts the forgotten but important work of Wayne Coy, the Office for Emergency Management's Liaison Officer, during the early years of World War II.

Contractual Politics and the Institutionalization of Bureaucratic Influence

Analyzes long-term interest group/party alliances, with a focus on the part played by federal advisory committees.

Cities under Austerity

Edited by Mark Davidson & Kevin Ward
Subjects: Politics And Law

Examines the ways in which austerity policies are transforming US cities.

Ethics and Accountability on the US Supreme Court

Examines the causes and consequences of recusal behavior on the US Supreme Court.

Urban Citizenship and American Democracy

Examines city politics and policy, federalism, and democracy in the United States.

Constitutionalism, Executive Power, and the Spirit of Moderation

Leading scholars and legal practitioners explore constitutional, legal, and philosophical topics.

Privatizing the Polity

Presents evidence that the expansion of welfare privatization makes it harder for people to move out of poverty in large numbers.

Unifying the Nation

In-depth examination of a rarely studied article of the United States Constitution.

Disenchanted Realists, Second Edition

New edition of the provocative history of the tenuous relationship between the scientific study of politics and the real world of American democracy.

Checking the Courts

Examines and measures the extent to which statutory language affects judicial behavior.

Universal Rights and the Constitution

Innovative examination of the tensions between universal and more uniquely American definitions of cherished rights.

America's First Crisis

Engaging and accessible account of the war that helped forge the American nation.

Horizontal Federalism

Provides detailed information and an analysis of interstate relations, and advances recommendations to improve the economic and political union.

The Other Side of Gridlock

A detailed study of political gridlock in Congress, offering an alternative perspective for evaluating its persistence and charting a course for change.

All But Forgotten

Study of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy in public administration.

Silencing the Opposition

Edited by Craig R. Smith
Subjects: History

Examines major challenges to the Fist Amendment and focuses on the extremely important paradigm shift of freedom of expression in the post-9/11 era.

The Quotable Judge Posner

Collection of quotations and judicial opinions of federal appellate judge Richard A. Posner

Rights, Remedies, and the Impact of State Sovereign Immunity

Engaging case studies on the impact of state sovereign immunity on both plaintiffs and states.

Contemporary American Federalism

Traces the development of the American federal system of government, focusing principally on the shifting balance of powers between the national government and the states.

Agendas and Decisions

Studies how state-level public executives and managers in Tennessee decide and implement policy.

The Silence of Congress

Argues for greater congressional oversight of state taxation of interstate commerce.

Dilemmas of Representation

In-depth analysis of the representational styles of several members of Congress from New York State.

The Game of Justice

Argues in favor of viewing justice as a political contest that everyone has a stake in.

Interstate Disputes

Examines the role of the U. S. Supreme Court in settling disputes between states.

Deserving and Entitled

Explores the contradictions between the American ideal of equality and the realities of public policy.

Popular Justice

Explores the interaction between the presidency and the U. S. Supreme Court.

So You Want to Be In Government?

A guide for appointed officials in American government.

Social Science in Government

A new, substantially updated, and expanded version of a classic work on how to evaluate public policy published over a decade ago.

Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations

Provides a multivariate analysis of presidential-congressional interaction.

The Day After Reform

Utilizing surveys, reports, and interviews, looks at the states to see how campaign finance reforms have worked out in fact, after organizations have had a chance to adapt to them.