International Relations

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Carnegie's Model Republic

By A. S. Eisenstadt
Subjects: History

Examines Carnegie’s book Triumphant Democracy and his efforts to promote closer ties between America and Britain.

Global Capitalism, Democracy, and Civil-Military Relations in Colombia

Explores the connections between globalization and democratization in Colombia.

Complexity in World Politics

Demonstrates that world politics is more complex than conventional models can account for.

Globalization and the Environment

Examines how globalization and the environment are connected issues.

Puerto Rico under Colonial Rule

Essays on human rights in Puerto Rico during the twentieth century.

Institutions and the Politics of Survival in Jordan

Explains how the Jordanian monarchy has survived economic crisis and regional political instability.

Globalizing Interests

Examines how national interest groups respond to the international pressures of globalization.

Protecting Our Environment

Examines how the European Union has handled environmental protection issues.

International Regimes for the Final Frontier

Examines the negotiations between nations that lead to international agreements regulating human activity in outer space.

The International Self

Uses a social-psychoanalytic model to argue that collective identity shapes foreign policy changes.

Identity and Institutions

Explores the role of international institutions in reducing conflict in multiethnic societies.

Mediating Globalization

Argues that institutional context drives economic globalization in the United States and Britain.

Globalization, Security, and the Nation State

Explores the impact of globalization on the conduct of international affairs.

Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society

Examines the growing power of nongovernmental organizations by looking at UN World Conferences.

United We Stand?

Argues that leaders sometimes promote international conflicts to keep their own military politically divided.

Imperialism and Internationalism in the Discipline of International Relations

Essays on the early disciplinary history of international relations.

Ozone Depletion and Climate Change

A path-breaking look at the international response to ozone depletion and climate change.

The Watchman Fell Asleep

Examines how Israel was caught by surprise in the opening stages of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

International Relations under Risk

Argues that international relations ought to be anchored in realistic models of human decision making.

The Moral Warrior

Explores the moral dimensions of the current global role of the U.S. military.

Democratizing Global Politics

Argues that international institutions are becoming increasingly democratized.

What Moves Man

A critical look at the image of human nature that underlies the realist theory of international relations.

Political Space

Applies the concept of space to international relations to arrive at novel interpretations.

Information Technologies and Global Politics

Examines how information technologies may be shifting power and authority away from the state.