Psychology of Women

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Black Women's Mental Health

Creates a new framework for approaching Black women’s wellness, by merging theory and practice with both personal narratives and public policy.

Performing Sex

A candid and provocative critique of women’s sexual liberation in America.

Body Shots

Combining the analytical tools of cinema studies with insights from clinical practice focused on eating disorders, Body Shots offers a compelling case for widespread media literacy to combat the effects of the “eating disordered culture” represented in Hollywood productions and popular images of celebrity life.

Embodied Shame

Examines how twentieth-century women writers depict female bodily shame and trauma.

Sexual Harassment, Work, and Education

Supplies new information on the application of sexual harassment laws in schools, colleges/universities, and the workplace.

On Our Own Terms

By redefining current theories of competence motivation and sex-role identity, this work offers a powerful reconceptualiztion of what it means to be a competent woman in today's society. Analyses of case ...

Physical Appearance and Gender

This book examines two kinds of research, research in social psychology and in clinical psychology, into the effects of physical appearance on person perception. Both are explored with the objective of ...

Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment

This book represents the first comprehensive resource manual for understanding and preventing sexual harassment in the academic community and in the workplace.

Studies indicate that sexual harassment is ...

From Surviving to Thriving

"This book will be of great value to any survivor of incest. Equally important, Christine Dinsmore teaches the rest of us—therapists, family members, and friends—how to be helpful to the survivor ...