Liberation Theology

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Mothership Connections

Contributes a black Atlantic perspective to postmodernism, theology, and metaphysics.

The Call of God

Explores the religious thought and lives of the poor women of Peru, who were central to the birth of liberation theology.

Popular Religion and Liberation

Liberation theologians either argue for the liberating character of popular religion or they vilify it as alienating and otherworldly. This book takes a comprehensive and in- depth look at the issues, ...

The Political Theory of Liberation Theology

This is the first in-depth look at the political theoretical structure of liberation theology. Pottenger shows how liberation theologians, writing from the perspective of the poor and oppressed, denounce ...

Dialectic of Salvation

This book provides a detailed examination of the central philosophical and theological themes of liberation theology. It covers the role of history and praxis, the dialectics of salvation and liberation, the concept of social and personal sin, Marxism, and the anthropology of concrete totality as the basis of theology.