Animal Behavior

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Wild Diplomacy

Explores how humans and wildlife such as wolves can cohabit with mutual respect in the same territories.

Regarding Life

Contends that the narrative and aesthetic qualities of the documentary genre enable new understandings of animals and animal/human relationships.

Humans, Animals, Machines

By Glen A. Mazis
Subjects: Philosophy

Examines the overlap and blurring of boundaries among humans, animals, and machines.

Laboratory Animal Husbandry

This book demonstrates that good science, animal care, and humane ethics are consonant and complimentary. Many environmental and treatment-related variables that can adversely affect both the animal and ...

The Behavior of Penguins

"Strange geese." That was their description when they were discovered in 1520 during Magellan's historic voyage. Today, penguins are familiar to everyone, yet few researchers have observed them in the ...

The Whistling Hunters

The whistling dog, or dhole, of India is a little-known, distant cousin of our domestic dog. Highly intelligent, wary of man, and elusive as a jungle predator, this rare and beautiful creature is one ...