Catalyzing the Field

Second-Person Approaches to Contemplative Learning and Inquiry

Edited by Olen Gunnlaugson, Charles Scott, Heesoon Bai, and Edward W. Sarath

Subjects: Higher Education, Contemplative Studies, Psychology, Philosophy Of Education, Religion
Hardcover : 9781438472836, 260 pages, February 2019
Paperback : 9781438472829, 260 pages, January 2020

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Table of contents

Olen Gunnlaugson, Charles Scott, Heesoon Bai, and Edward W. Sarath

1. Mindfulness in Education: Contemplative Inquiry in a Community of Learners
Kathryn Byrnes and Jessica S. Caron

2. Meditating Together, Speaking from Silence: The Theory and Practice of Interpersonal Mindfulness
Nancy Waring

3. Intersubjectivity in the Holistic Teaching of the Sociology of Religion at Glendon College in Toronto
Véronique Tomaszewski

4. Being with Horses as a Practice of the Self-with-Others: A Case of Getting a FEEL for Teaching
Stephen J. Smith and Karen LaRochelle

5. A Disciplined Practice of Collaboratively Working on Teaching as Contemplative Professional Practice
Thomas Falkenberg and Michael Link

6. Awakening to Wholeness: Aikido as an Embodied Praxis of Intersubjectivity
Michael A. Gordon

7. Self, Other, and the System
Ian Macnaughton

8. Walking Steps: Contemplative Wanderings with Humanbecoming
Deborah Sally Thoun, Anne Bruce, and Coby Tschanz

9. Contemplative Learning: A Second-Person Approach to Physical Fitness
Sally K. Severino and M. Andrew Garrison

10. Teaching Creativity and Building Community in the Undergraduate Classroom: Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Character through Relational and Contemplative Practice
Sean Park

11. A Three-Tiered Monastic Approach to Intersubjective Dialogue for Application within Higher Education
Mary Keator

12. No Mind in Community: Cultivating “Fields in Good Heart” in an Intellectual and Professional Praxis-Enhancing Commons
Arden Henley


A rich collection of essays about the inner, shared experiences of participants engaged in second-person approaches to contemplative practice.


Catalyzing the Field presents a diverse series of applied case studies about the second-person dimension of contemplative learning in higher education. As a companion volume to the editors' previous book, The Intersubjective Turn, the contributors to this book explore various pedagogical scenarios in which intentional forms of practice create and guide consciousness. Their essays demonstrate that practice is not only intellectual, but somatic, phenomenological, emotional, and spiritual as well. Along with their first book, Contemplative Learning and Inquiry across Disciplines, the editors craft an essential body of work that affirms the fundamental importance of contemplative practice in institutions of higher learning.

Olen Gunnlaugson is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development at Université Laval, Canada. Charles Scott is Associate Professor of Education at City University of Seattle and Adjunct Professor of Education at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Heeson Bai is Professor of Education at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Edward W. Sarath is Professor of Music and Director of the Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies at the University of Michigan.


"The present volume provides an excellent introduction to the topic and to the issues surrounding contemplative learning; chapters provide case studies that explore how this approach is used in many disciplines. The editors are highly qualified to write on these topics, and an excellent group of practitioners across a wide variety of disciplines in higher education have contributed chapters … The material presented in this book is cutting-edge and would be of interest to faculty and researchers in universities that are involved in this approach to pedagogy. Each chapter is insightfully written and well referenced. " — CHOICE

"Catalyzing the Field makes an important contribution to contemplative education. I especially appreciate its innovative approaches, practical insights, and potential applications. " — Louis Komjathy, editor of Contemplative Literature: A Comparative Sourcebook on Meditation and Contemplative Prayer