Feminist Sport Studies

Sharing Experiences of Joy and Pain

Edited by Pirkko Markula-Denison

Subjects: Women's Studies, Sports And Society, Feminist, Sociology
Series: SUNY series on Sport, Culture, and Social Relations
Paperback : 9780791465301, 260 pages, August 2005
Hardcover : 9780791465295, 260 pages, August 2005

Table of contents


Part I: Feminist Sport Studies: Stories of Discovery and Dismissal

1. "To Not Just Live My Life, But To Create It:" A Life of Feminist Researcher Arja Laitinen
Ulla Kosonen

2. From Pre- to Postfeminism: A Four-Decade Journey
M. Ann Hall

3. Verifying the Values and Sparking the Spirit: Research and Practice on Motivation in Sport Psychology
Joan L. Duda

Part II: Personal Experiences as a Resource for Feminist Inquiry in Sport

4. Doing Feminist Ethnography: A Report From the Rink
Nancy Theberge

5. Coping with Trauma: Staying the Course
Carole A. Oglesby

6. Feminist Utopias and the Patriarchal Shadow: A Retrospective Look at a Feminist Project
Sabine Kröner

7. Fight or Flight?: Experiences of Sexual Harassment Among Female Athletes
Kari Fasting

Part III: The Feminist Sport Researcher: Multiple Selves

8. Time Out—Managing Research and Managing Myself
Celia Brackenridge

9. Sophie—Reconstruction and Deconstruction of a Female Icon
Gertrud Pfister

10. Transnational Feminism: Straddling the Academic Fault Line
Susan J. Bandy

11. A Collection of Fortuitous Encounters
Shona M. Thompson

List of Contributors

SUNY Series on Sport, Culture and Social Relations

Uses personal narratives to highlight the development of feminist sport studies.


This book highlights the development of feminist sport studies through personal narratives of prominent feminist sport researchers from North America, Europe, and New Zealand. With expertise in sport history, literature, psychology, and sociology, contributors offer reflections that cross disciplinary boundaries and provide a concise and current summary of this broad field.

In relaying their personal research experiences, contributors intertwine their professional and personal selves in stories that highlight the struggles of sport feminists, struggles that shaped the self and constructed feminist knowledge of sport. They tell about the academic context for feminist research in sport studies, the feelings and experiences of being women researchers in a male-dominated field, and internal doubts and disappointments after vilification of their work. The narrative style makes this book accessible to a wide variety of audiences and a suitable reference and/or text for sport science history and research methods courses.

Pirkko Markula is Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath and the coeditor (with Jim Denison) of Moving Writing: Crafting Movement in Sport Research.