SUNY series on Sport, Culture, and Social Relations

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After Artest

Explores how the NBA moved to govern black players and the expression of blackness after the “Palace Brawl” of 2004.

The Metrosexual

Explores the cultural significance of the metrosexual in sports.

Olympic Industry Resistance

A critical look at the Olympics in the postbribery, post-9/11 era, particularly at consequences for host cities and so-called “Olympic education” for schoolchildren.

Beer, Babes, and Balls

Looks at contemporary sports talk radio and its relations to both traditional and newer forms of masculinity.

Out of Play

A revealing look at gender issues in contemporary sport.

National Identity and Global Sports Events

Explains why cities dig deep in their pockets to host the Olympics and countries breed teams for success on the world soccer stage.

From Ballroom to DanceSport

An insider explores the transformation of ballroom dance into an Olympic sport.

Deconstructing Sport History

Presents a broad spectrum of critical approaches that question traditional sport history.

Feminist Sport Studies

Uses personal narratives to highlight the development of feminist sport studies.

In the Game

Examines the relationship between gay male athletes, sport, and American masculinity.

Sporting Dystopias

Challenges the unexamined belief that sports stadiums, events, and teams in cities are always beneficial to the comunities.

To the Extreme

Insider and outsider narratives on the essence of modern “extreme” sports.

Athletic Intruders

Explores women's place in sport and exercise from a socioculture perspective.

The Best Olympics Ever?

Uses the Sydney Olympics as a prism through which to explore recent Olympic scandals, media coverage, reform efforts, and controversies.

Paradoxes of Youth and Sport

Highlights the practical benefits and the many problems of youth and sports in the United States.

Michael Jordan, Inc.

Uses Michael Jordan as a vehicle for viewing the broader social, economic, political, and technological concerns that frame contemporary culture.

Beyond the Cheers

From mascots to half-time shows to media coverage, Beyond the Cheers critically and honestly assesses the role of race in big time college sports.

Higher Goals

Offers a fascinating ethnography of physicality and gender relations in women's team contact sports.

Inside the Olympic Industry

Analysis from the perspective of those adversely affected by the social, economic, political, and environmental impacts of hosting an Olympic Games.

Mother's Taxi

A detailed look at how domestic labor and childcare done by women provides the space for others to participate in sport, contributing directly to individual sporting careers and generally servicing sport as an institution.

Sport and Postmodern Times

Using postmodern social theory, this book expands our understanding of sport, the body, and the broader physical culture.

Critical Postmodernism in Human Movement, Physical Education, and Sport

Explores the possibilities of postmodernism in the field of human movement and shows how the profession is related to broader social, political, and cultural contexts and histories.

Managing Gender

Evaluates the implementation of affirmative action programs for women in Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand sporting organizations.

Playing to Win

Traces the development of U.S. military sports and explains how and why the American armed forces embraced sports as a crucial part of training and entertainment for the men (and ultimately women) in uniform.

The Swimsuit Issue and Sport

Explores the cultural meanings of the swimsuit issue and shows how Sports Illustrated secures a large audience of men by creating a climate of hegemonic masculinity.