Shared Governance in Higher Education, Volume 3

Vitality and Continuity in Times of Change

Edited by Sharon F. Cramer & Peter L. K. Knuepfer

Subjects: Education Policy And Leadership, Higher Education, Education
Paperback : 9781438478685, 306 pages, January 2021
Hardcover : 9781438478692, 306 pages, June 2020

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Table of contents

Preface: Enduring Shared Governance at SUNY
Nina Tamrowski

Gwen Kay

Editor's Note: Governance Undimmed
Sharon F. Cramer

Part I: Perspectives on the Key Elements of Shared Governance

1. Characteristics of Shared Governance
Diane Bliss, Renee Lathrop, and Jeffrey Steele

2. Framing the Role of Faculty Governance Toward Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Gordon Bigelow and Noelle Chaddock

3. Shared Governance: Valuing Each Other and Achieving More Together
Belinda S. Miles, Cliff L. Wood, and Kristine Young

Part II: Shared Governance in Times of Change: Necessary Components

4. Developing Rapport and Relationships with New Administrators
Margaret Ann Hoose and Barry Spriggs

5. The Rights, Wrongs, and Challenges of Governance Communications
Joe Marren

Part III: Avoiding Governance Quicksand: Pragmatic Considerations

6. The Campus Concept Committee: A Case Study in Shared Governance
Lisa M. Glidden and Deborah F. Stanley

7. Reflections on the Process for Developing a Rubric for Assessing Shared Governance
Deborah L. Moeckel

8. Back to the Past: Imagining the Future of Academic Governance
Michael DeCesare

Part IV: Lessons Learned

9 Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and SUNY's Shared Governance
Kenneth P. O'Brien

10. Lessons in Process: "It's Not Just About #Transparency, It's About #SharedGovernance"
Philip L. Glick and Domenic J. Licata

11. Nassau Community College at a Turning Point
Valerie H. Collins

12. Accreditation Academy! An Organic Approach to Preparing for an MSCHE Site Visit
Olin Stratton and Wendy Tarby

13. A Comparative Analysis of Regional Accreditors: Role of Shared Governance in Accreditation
Peter L. K. Knuepfer


Explores the impact of shared governance in times of campus and system transition.


Shared Governance in Higher Education Set (Volumes 1, 2 and 3)

Shared governance impacts every member of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Contributors to this volume—presenters at multiple SUNY Voices conferences on Shared Governance—explore how campus members can effectively improve the dialogue about critical issues and become better informed about the subtle, sophisticated strategies needed to move from discussion to action. Readers will gain new insights, enabling them to reexamine their own governance, both their current circumstances and possible futures. Included here are examinations of the key elements and models of shared governance, the role of faculty governance in institutional diversity and inclusion, relationship and rapport-building, and communication in times of change. Also discussed are assessment rubrics, campus and systemwide experiences, and analyses of shared governance in the accreditation process.

Sharon F. Cramer is Distinguished Service Professor Emerita at Buffalo State College, State University of New York, and Parliamentarian Emerita for the SUNY University Faculty Senate. She is the editor of the first two volumes in the Shared Governance series published by SUNY Press and the coauthor (with Jan Stivers) of A Teacher's Guide to Change: Understanding, Navigating, and Leading the Process. Peter L. K. Knuepfer is Associate Professor of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies at Binghamton University, State University of New York, and Immediate Past President of the SUNY University Faculty Senate.