By Philippine Hoegen & Carolien Stikker
Contributions by Thomas Zummer

Subjects: Art, Art Theory
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9780615292861, 144 pages, February 2010

Uses image and text to explore boundaries and points of contact between video and photography.


Superstructure uses images and text to explore the inquiries and procedures of the Amsterdam-based collaborative Hoegen&Stikker. Philippine Hoegen works with video and photography, searching for points of contact between these media. Using different layers of information to construct meaning within the work, her video installations show small or slow moving events, almost to the point of becoming stills, whilst photographic works are combined with sound or set in motion through slide sequences. Carolien Stikker applies mistakes and limits in photo and film techniques and procedures. She explores the boundaries of a medium, raising the question of how we perceive and what we see, through series of photographs. In the collaboration between these two artists, these approaches are applied, mixed, and rearranged. This artists' book was developed as part of the exhibition Inscription: Hoegen&Stikker, at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, and includes an essay, "Space is the Place," by Thomas Zummer.