SUNY series, Education and Culture: Critical Factors in the Formation of Character and Community in American Life

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Systemic Violence in Education

Researchers and practitioners identify and examine systemic violence in schools from a number of perspectives including school administration policies, pedagogical methods, educational labeling, classroom interaction, childhood games, and teacher reactions, as well as child abuse. Includes practical suggestions for addressing systemic violence.

The Success Ethic, Education, and the American Dream

Explores, interprets, and critically analyzes various success ethics that have shaped American culture and education. It also formulates new forms of the success ethic in order to uncover overlooked models and to overcome the shortcomings of previous genres.

Shaping the Culture of Schooling

Winner of the 1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Focusing on the cultural history of the origins of outcome-based education (OBE), this book investigates the social and ...

Popular Culture, Educational Discourse, and Mathematics

This groundbreaking book analyzes contemporary education discourse in the light of curriculum politics and popular culture, using sources ranging from academic scholarship to popular magazines, music ...

Watching Channel One

Channel One, an electronic curriculum that was developed primarily to sell products in the marketplace, is cablecast daily to approximately twelve-thousand public high schools in the United States. About ...

Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture

Many factors contribute to the way individuals come to an understanding of what schooling is about and where it might be headed. This book explores the role of popular culture in that process.

The authors ...

Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation?

This book analyzes the organizational interface between the public and higher education sectors as policy leaders experiment with cooperative strategies to optimize legislative appropriations, compete ...