SUNY series, Feminist Philosophy

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Family Matters

Charts new trends in gender studies through a compelling analysis of Igbo society.

Buddhist Women and Social Justice

Looks at Buddhist women's activism for social change from the time of Buddha to the present day.

Beyond the Margins

Incorporates memoir in the context of philosophical and political theory and argument.

Buddhist Women Across Cultures

Illuminates the lives and thought of women in Buddhist cultures, integrating them more fully into the feminist conversation.

Sisters in Solitude

Provides the first English translation of the Tibetan and Chinese texts on monastic discipline for Buddhist nuns and presents a comparative study of the two texts. An important contribution for studies of women’s history, feminist philosophy, women’s studies, women in religion, and feminist ethics.

The Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir

Challenges Beauvoir's self-portrait and argues that she was a philosopher in her own right.

Dyke Ideas

Dyke Ideas is a passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy. The main value is wimmin—women separate from men and men's inventions. "Craziness," guilt, competition, sex, and other topics ...


This is a groundbreaking work of poetry, autobiography, lesbian studies, multicultural writing, feminist philosophy, and postmodernism. Jeffner Allen achieves a crossing of borders and complex worlds ...

Modern Engendering

This book contains readings of canonical Western philosophical texts from the viewpoint of current feminist thinking. The contributors focus specifically on the ways in which modern Western philosophy ...

Engendering Origins

This book introduces feminist voices into the study of Platonic and Aristotelian texts that modern Western philosophy has treated as foundational. The book concerns the extent to which Platonic and Aristotelian ...

Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures

The lesbians who have contributed to this book are theorists and activists who write as members of diverse lesbian cultures. Each lesbian has her ways of knowing, her voices, approaches, methodologies, ...

The Flight to Objectivity

The Flight to Objectivity offers a new reading of Descartes' Meditations informed by cultural history, psychoanalytic and cognitive psychology, and feminist thought. It focuses not on Descartes' arguments ...