SUNY series in International Environmental Policy and Theory

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Contested Grounds

Presents diverse views on the relationship between environmental politics and international security.

Redefining Red and Green

Examines the strategic impact of two European ecology parties on the recomposition of left-wing politics in their countries.

Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries

Examines in depth the ecological problems, policies, and politics of ten major developing countries.

Flashpoints in Environmental Policymaking

Presents alternative and often opposing viewpoints on the major national and international environmental controversies that will be with us well into the twenty-first century.

Global Civil Society and Global Environmental Governance

Explores the growing role of global civil society and local environmental activism in the management and protection of the environment worldwide.

Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics

A theoretical study of the politics of transnational environmental activist groups such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and the World Wildlife Fund that argues that environmental activists practice ...

Ecological Resistance Movements

Ecological resistance movements are proliferating around the world. Some are explicitly radical in their ideas and militant in their tactics while others have emerged from a variety of social movements ...

Environmental Deceptions

This book explores the tensions between American political culture, which is predicated on self-interest, and environmental regulation, which restricts individual property rights.

Overcoming Obstacles in Environmental Policymaking

This book examines why policies and laws intended to protect the environment often do not work. In particular, Gamman addresses the fundamental reasons why efforts to protect natural resources in the ...