SUNY series in Leadership Studies

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Reinventing Leadership

In a striking departure from past practices, this book critically assesses political and business leadership simultaneously.

Presidents and Foreign Policy

Examines ten important and controversial U. S. presidential foreign policy decisions in the post-World War II period, including one major controversy for each president from Truman to Clinton.

Innovative Leaders in International Politics

In today's world, national leaders have immense power to make decisions affecting millions of lives, both domestically and internationally. Yet questions about the performance of these leaders, and specifically ...

City Executives

This study explores the work life of mayors, city managers, and other top executives in city government. Based on a survey of 527 city executives and enlivened with numerous anecdotes, the book documents ...

The Presidential Veto

This is the first modern study of the veto. In addition to tracing the genesis and historical evolution from Ancient Rome, through the ultimate inclusion in the Constitution, it also explores the veto's ...