SUNY series in Public Policy

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Splintered Accountability

Detailed study of how real education reform works.

Universal Preschool

Examines recent trends in state-funded preschool education.

The Politics of Identity

Makes the surprising claim that identity politics can facilitate rather than undermine worker solidarity.

Deserving and Entitled

Explores the contradictions between the American ideal of equality and the realities of public policy.

The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy

Examines how public opinion has influenced health care policy.

Identity Matters

Blends memoir and scholarship to provide a moving and sometimes unsettling look at how academic discourse affects the cultural values and identities that students bring into the writing classroom.

Walls and Bridges

A fresh and easy-to-understand examination of some of America's most challenging social issues.

Postmodern Public Policy

Confronts the challenge presented to traditional public policy by postmodern thought.

The Case of the Minimum Wage

Places contemporary minimum wage debates in historical context, stressing the importance of political as opposed to economic variables.

Democracy and the Policy Sciences

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.