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Toward a Grammar of Curriculum Practice

By Edmund C. Short
Subjects: Education

Provides a new conceptualization of curriculum and of curriculum planning that is clearer, more functional, more adequate than those previously available.

Racial Equity on College Campuses

Offers insight into race-based disparities in higher education and practical tools for advancing racial equity on college and university campuses.

Teaching Politics in Secondary Education

By Wayne Journell
Subjects: Education

Uses data collected from multiple studies to offer recommendations on best practices for use in a polarized climate.

We, the Students and Teachers

Provides practical applications of democratic teaching for classes in history/social studies education, multicultural and social justice education, community service and civic engagement, and education and public policy.

The Social Studies Curriculum

Edited by E. Wayne Ross
Subjects: Education

This fully revised and updated edition includes twelve new chapters on contemporary topics such as ecological democracy, Native studies, inquiry teaching, and Islamophobia.

The Prosthetic Pedagogy of Art

Uses autobiographical and cultural narratives related to art research and practice to explore, experiment, and improvise multiple correspondences between and among learners’ own lived experiences and understandings, and those of others.

Integral Education

Leading researchers and practitioners explore the frontiers of education from an integral perspective.

Deweyan Inquiry

Presents John Dewey’s theory of inquiry and applies it to various areas of the primary, middle, and secondary school curricula.

Writing-Based Teaching

Edited by Teresa Vilardi & Mary K. Chang
Subjects: Education

Offers candid, first-hand accounts of what it is like to make writing central to teaching in secondary schools and colleges.

Feel These Words

By Susan Weinstein
Subjects: Education

An in-depth look at the creative writing practices of nine Chicago youths.

California in a Time of Excellence

Follows California’s efforts at reforming the public school system from 1983 to the present.

Authority Is Relational

By Charles Bingham
Subjects: Education

A must read for anyone who wants to think in depth about contemporary classrooms.

Making Writing Matter

By Ann M. Feldman
Subjects: Education

Challenging more limited approaches to service learning, this book examines writing instruction in the context of universities fully engaged in community partnerships.

Educating Democratic Citizens in Troubled Times

Edited by Janet S. Bixby & Judith L. Pace
Subjects: Education

Examines various aspects of citizen education programs that serve contemporary youth in the United States.

Spectacle Pedagogy

Examines the interrelationships between art, politics, and visual culture post-9/11.

Latino Dropouts in Rural America

Latino high school students in rural communities talk about dropping out of school.

Grappling with Diversity

Addresses the concerns of the marginalized in the American school curriculum.

Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds

Three women educators from three different academic disciplines write their “takes” on a range of topics not usually found in curriculum studies.

Anne Sexton

The poet’s life as a teacher.

John Dewey and Our Educational Prospect

Edited by David T. Hansen
Subjects: Education

The first book-length study of Dewey’s extraordinary text.

Reforming Schools

By Jesse Goodman
Subjects: Education

Portrays the progressive school reform work of the Harmony Education Center over a 12-year period.

Innovations in Teacher Education

Presents key principles of teacher education and concrete examples from successful programs.

Struggles over Difference

Disrupts popular myths about education in Asia and the Pacific.

Preparing for Inclusive Teaching

A resource to help institutions navigate the choppy waters of reform.

Beyond the Land Ethic

A leading theorist addresses a wide spectrum of topics central to the field of environmental philosophy.

Professional Development for Cooperative Learning

Edited by Celeste M. Brody & Neil Davidson
Subjects: Education

Describes different forms of professional development for cooperative learning and shows how the use of cooperative learning in professional development is leading to new insights into teaching and professional growth in schools.

Curriculum, Culture, and Art Education

An international compilation of critical historical case studies of art education that illuminates how cultural knowledge is transmitted through curriculum.

The Curriculum

This new edition of the classic text extends the scope of critically-oriented work in curriculum studies.

Participatory Action Research

Presents an engaging introduction to the international conversation about enhancing social and educational practice using participatory action research.

Conversations with Educational Leaders

Educational leaders speak out in their own words--stimulating, accessible, provocative--on contemporary and controversial topics that range from differing attitudes on diversity to the debate over character education to arguments about education reform.

Recreating Relationships

Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

Community Service-Learning

Presents a comprehensive resource for those interested in youth involvement in community service as part of the public school curriculum.

Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture

Exposes the faulty assumptions that underlie modern education in the areas of moral education, creativity, and intelligence, showing how these assumptions must be changed in order to produce an ecologically sustainable culture.

Watching Channel One

Channel One, an electronic curriculum that was developed primarily to sell products in the marketplace, is cablecast daily to approximately twelve-thousand public high schools in the United States. About ...

Laura and Jim and What They Taught Me About the Gap Between Educational Theory and Practice

By Dona M. Kagan
Subjects: Education

Many teachers do not conform to the views of teaching espoused by professors of education. Yet these teachers are often judged as outstanding by colleagues, students, parents, and administrators. This ...

Teacher Personal Theorizing

This book examines the relationship between teacher theorizing and teacher action as illustrated by the curricular and instructional practices of teachers. The authors show that all teaching is guided ...

Mathematics Assessment and Evaluation

Are current testing practices consistent with the goals of the reform movement in school mathematics? If not, what are the alternatives? How can authentic performance in mathematics be assessed?

These ...

Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education

This book defines STS—science, technology, and society—education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history ...

Forms of Curriculum Inquiry

This book presents an overview of seventeen forms of inquiry used in curriculum research in education. Conventional disciplinary forms of inquiry, such as philosophical, historical, and scientific, are ...

The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter

In this ground-breaking book the author analyzes the roles and functions of teachers as they use and construct curriculum materials. She presents a conceptual framework for interpreting different kinds ...