Constructive Postmodernism

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Postmodernism and Public Policy

Develops a naturalistic postmodern perspective to make constructive proposals about a wide range of topics now in public discussion.

Kazantzakis and God

Examines the concept of God which emerges from the writings of Nikos Kazantzakis and argues that he was a process theist.

Being and Value

This book shows the vital relationship between human life and the philosophical placement of value, emphasizing the now-occurring transition from the old mechanical world view to the postmodern alternative inspired by ecology.

Myth and Modernity

This book surveys selected modern theories of myth from philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology, and psychoanalysis to demonstrate a common commitment to a dualistic ontology and/or epistemology. ...

The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean reappraises the relationship among the three forms of good that exist in modern Western thought: the good of aesthetic beauty and performance, the good of right and wrong, and the forces ...

Metaphors of Interrelatedness

Olds examines the role of metaphor and models in psychology, science, and religion and argues the case for systems theory as a contemporary unifying metaphor across domains, with particular emphasis on ...

Primordial Truth and Postmodern Theology

Proposes religious philosophies to succeed the waning worldview of modernity.

Varieties of Postmodern Theology

Sorts out the confusion created by the use of the term “postmodern” in relation to widely divergent theological positions.