ACTA Volume #11

Kings and Kingship

Edited by Joel T. Rosenthal

Subjects: History, Medieval Studies
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781438438474, 160 pages, January 1984

Table of contents

1. The Iconography of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon Archaeological Finds
Carol L. Neauman de Vegvar, Union College
2. The King in the Doorway: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, A. D. 755
Karen Ferro, SUNY Stony Brook
3. Wealth and Wisdom: The Politics of Alred the Great
Janet L. Nelson, King’s College, University of London
4. The King Enthroned: A New theme in Anglo-Saxon Royal Iconography: The Seal of Edward the Confessor and its Political Implications
Brigette Bedos Rezak, Archives Nationales, Paris and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
5. Peter Damian on King and Pope: An Exercise in Association by Contrast
Karl F. Morrison, University of Kansas
6. Kingship and Kingdoms in the Roman de Renart
Kathryn Gravdal, University of Michigan
7. The Centrality of the King in the Thought of Alfonso X of Leon-Castile
Francesco C. Cesareo, Fordham University
8. Heroic Kingship and Unjust War in the Alliterative Morte Arthure
Michael W. Twomey, Ithaca College