Rethinking Knowledge

Reflections Across the Disciplines

Edited by Robert F. Goodman & Walter R. Fisher

Subjects: Communication
Series: SUNY series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Paperback : 9780791423387, 246 pages, February 1995
Hardcover : 9780791423370, 246 pages, February 1995

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Table of contents


Stephen Toulmin

Robert F. Goodman

Part I. Fundamental Issues: Method, Values, Mind, and Self

1. Economics and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge
Donald N. McCloskey

2. The Truth/Value of Judgments
Barbara Hernstein Smith

3. Is There a Problem in Explaning Cognitive Process?
Aaron Ben-Ze'ev

4. The Dialogical Self
Charles Taylor

Part II. Reorientations in Social Science Inquiry

5. Causality and Causal Inference in the Study of Organizations
Donald A. Schon

6. The Redesign of Ethnography after the Critique of Its Rhetoric
George E. Marcus

7. Toward an Evolutionary Hermeneutics: The Case of Wisdom
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Part III. Values, Reason, and Responsibility

8. Representation without Grounds
Jane Flax

9. Narration, Knowledge, and the Possibility of Wisdom
Walter R.  Fisher

Part IV. Knowledge and Schema Theory

10. Bridging Cognition and Knowledge
Helen Couclelis

11. The Schema Theory of Minds: Implications for the Social Sciences
Michael A. Arbib


This is an exploration of modernism and postmodernism in regard to knowledge: methods of inquiry, operations of the mind, the role of values, conceptions of self, and the problematic of reason.


This book explores issues of modernism and postmodernism in relation to knowledge: methods of inquiry, operations of the mind, the role of values, conceptions of self, and the problematic of reason.

Among the distinguished contributors are Michael Arbib, Aaron Ben-Zeev, Helen Couclelis, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Jane Flax, George E. Marcus, Donald McCloskey, Donald Schon, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, and Charles Taylor.

Robert F. Goodman is Visiting Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Haifa, Israel. Walter R. Fisher is Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California.


"This book addresses a set of epistemic developments important throughout the academy. The range of contributors is excellent, and their collective prestige will attract more than a few readers all by itself. A further advantage is that the range of fields addressed makes the collection interesting to scholars in a wide variety of disciplines. " — John S. Nelson, University of Iowa