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Fighting for Our Health

Insider Richard Kirsch offers a vivid, first-person account of how health care reform came to be.

New York State Government, Second Edition

An expanded and updated edition of the 2002 book that has become required reading for policymakers, students, and active citizens.

At the Front Lines of the Welfare System

Examines conversations between welfare workers and their clients to understand the implementation of the 1996 welfare reform.

Funding Public Colleges and Universities for Performance

By Joseph C. Burke
Subjects: Education

Looks at the progress, popularity, and problems related to states linking funding of public colleges and universities to performance.

It Takes a Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Preservation Initiative, a comprehensive community building program in ten neighborhoods from nine mostly mid-sized cities, is examined in It Takes a Neighborhood. Wright shows what was ...

Quicker, Better, Cheaper?

Scholars and practitioners explore American government performance management offering diverse views.

So You Want to Be In Government?

A guide for appointed officials in American government.

Managing Welfare Reform in Five States

Edited by Sarah F. Liebschutz
Subjects: Public Policy

Analyzes the responses of five states—Florida, Mississippi, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin—to the challenges of implementing welfare reform.

Social Science in Government

A new, substantially updated, and expanded version of a classic work on how to evaluate public policy published over a decade ago.

Learning from Leaders

Edited by Carol S. Weissert
Subjects: Public Policy

Discusses welfare reform in Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Evaluating Comprehensive State Welfare Reform

Discusses issues involved in evaluating the new reforms, and applies those issues to the evaluation of welfare reform in Wisconsin.

Implementing the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996

Examines the implementation of the 1996 national welfare reform act and summarizes field-research findings.

The Day After Reform

Utilizing surveys, reports, and interviews, looks at the states to see how campaign finance reforms have worked out in fact, after organizations have had a chance to adapt to them.

New Life at Ground Zero

Presents a lively in-depth look at the efforts and struggles of the New York City Housing Partnership to build moderate and middle-income housing in New York City.

Charter Revision in the Empire State

Provides an eyewitness record of the people, events, issues, and legacy of this failed convention.

Decision 1997

Discusses why state constitutions matter, the structures and processes of governments, and the rights of citizens.